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Types of Nail Clippers For Dog

Remember that dogs are not equal in natures and sizes. For instance, if you compare the German shepherd and Yorkshire terrier, you will note the difference. Moreover, some nails are thick and hard while others are soft and transparent. According to http://www.dogsbynina.com/best-nail-clippers-for-your-dog, you should choose an appropriate nail clipper which is convenient. The major types of clippers for dogs are:

  • Scissor type clippers
  • Grinder tools
  • Guillotine type clippers

nail dog 52rIf you want to cut the dog’s nail using extra force, it is recommended to use scissor type clipper. This means that your hands will remain in your palms and you can press it with mechanical advantage. If you want to cut the pet’s nail, then a guillotine clipper can help you. In fact, the clipper has an arc-shaped metallic hole that locks the pet’s nail. You can cut the nails by pushing sharp blade. If money is not a problem and you want a nice nail grooming, then you should purchase a grinder tool. This is simply a clipper with a motor. As the motor rotates, it causes friction and grinds the nail of your pet.

Scissors-type clippers

This is ideal for large dogs that have longer nails. Also, the nails should be thicker and hard. The good thing about this clipper is that it generates adequate force from the hand’s grip. In fact, it works like the normal scissors. However, its blade is harder and thick. This is necessary to ensure it does not break easily. Its blades are a bit curvy to ensure the nails do not slide during cutting.

Guillotine type clippers

This type of clipper just works like a guillotine. It is quite similar to the scissors-type clipper. However, its blades are quite different. You just need to press it, and a lowered table slides and cuts the nails. It has a metallic hole to lock the nail on your pet. The nail is sliced by a sharp blade. It is ideal for both medium and small-sized dogs.nail t25r2

Grinder tools

They are quite useful for the large dogs. This is because clippers offer a sense of sudden surprise to nails. Moreover, nail injuries are probable. Fortunately, these tools are free of risks of different types of injuries. However, it also generates vibration which may not be liked by your pet. If your pet is not used to it, you will need to train it.