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Top Dog Grooming Services


Grooming your pet regularly is a splendid idea.Taking your pet to a Pet Groomer in Bellevue Tennessee comes with many benefits, both for you and for the dog. There is a wide variety of grooming services usually provided by different companies. Here are some of the grooming services accorded to man’s best friend.


There are various options for bathing dogs. A hand-held shower-head can be used to spray the dog or a tub filled with water. Warm water and specialized dog shampoo are always used to ensure that the dog is thoroughly clean.

Hair Removal

Hair can be removed by trimming or cutting. There are various styles, which the hair can be cut to give your dog the desired look. The method used depends on the breed of the dog. Cutting or trimming hair is essential not only for great looks but hygiene purposes. Failure to cut long hair, especially around the eyes and paws of the dog, might result in an infection or tingling.

Another way of removing hair is through scrubbing and brushing. This removes only the loose or broken hair from the dog’s coat. The advantage that comes with this is that the dog will not shed a lot on your furniture, floor, car seat, bed and much more. Brushing can be done as frequent as desired. For non-shedding dog breeds such as spaniels and terriers, dead hair can be removed using the stripping method.

Nail trimming

Trimming nails is good for your pets health in many ways. When the nails are not trimmed, they might grow and curl downwards, making it increasingly painful for the dog to walk by putting pressure on its toes. They can grow so far as to pierce the pad of the paw, causing debilitating pain or an infection.

Creative grooming

Groomers can give your dog a fancy new look with services such as dog painting, chalking, or nail paints. There is a wide variety of dog accessories and jewelry as well, which can be used to enhance the looks of your dog.

qsdwaSCaDSDadOral hygiene

Brushing the teeth of dogs is also important. It freshens the breath of the dog and reduces tartar to help prevent the periodontal disease. Specially formulated dog toothpaste is used.

Ear cleaning/plucking

Your dog might have an excessive buildup of wax in the ears. The ears are also very sensitive, making the susceptible to infection and parasite infestation. Dog grooming services include cleaning the ears as well.