What you need to know about labret piercings


Labret piercing is a form of body piercing done below the bottom lip above the chin. Today the piercing is seen as a symbol of fashion to many people. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a unique style of body piercing. Also, there are different types of jewelry you can wear in the piercing. The studs are professionally designed to keep your Labret Piercing comfortable. Normal piercing shows only on one side. Labrets are commonly available in stainless steel, black steel, and in titanium.

They are of different types which include; vertical piercing, snake, and spider bite piercing. They vary depending on the position of the area to be pierced.

Vertical labret piercing

It is a piercing that is done on the lower part of the lip area. It is done from the upper direction coming out at the top of the lower lip. Vertical labrets are jewelry pierced on the upper side of the lip to the lower part of the lip.


Snake and spider bite piercing

Snake bites are the two labrets on the either side of the lip. They are visible when the bead rings are worn. On the other hand, spider bites are two labrets next to each other on one side of the lip.

Dolphin bites piercing

They are two piercing done in the middle of the lip. They are next to each other. The process of labret piercing is very sensitive and must be carried out by an experienced expert.

What to do before the piercing

Since the mouth is full of harmful bacteria, it’s advisable to do proper preparation and cleaning. Rinsing your mouth thoroughly with saline solution will help in killing the organisms that cause gum diseases. Oral hygiene should be observed well by the frequent use of mouthwash after brushing.



The stud can be removed and changed after six weeks once piercing has completely healed. It’s recommended not to remove the jewelry from a suspected infected piercing and immediately contact a professional.

Before you go through the procedure, do research on the professionals for best results. Doing it on your own could be a high risk which can result in infecting the wound. This is to make sure that the insertion and removal of the labret are smooth and comfortable. After the exercise, one should frequently use salt water or mouthwash to offset any infection.